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Shri Rajnish Prakash
Chairman, AEES


Shri Rajnish Prakash has assumed the office of the Chairman, Atomic Energy Education Society, Mumbai on 16th November, 2015.

An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and post graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Shri Prakash joined Heavy Water Board in the year 1975. He provided innovative leadership to Heavy Water Board and served the organization in various capacities. His dynamic leadership at the helm of Heavy Water Board immensely contributed to Indian Nuclear Programme, through production and sustained supply of vital input materials. Under his stewardship and guidance, the Heavy Water Board was able to successfully execute the mandate given to it.

He played leading role in maturing the Ammonia Based Technology in India and improved the performance of Heavy Water Plants based on Hydrogen Sulphide - Water Exchange Process. His innovative approach led to tremendous reduction in specific energy consumption and hence, reduction in Heavy Water cost. He was instrumental in development of advanced technology and materials to support scientific progress of the nation and societal benefits at large.

He has to his credit the successful coordination of first export of Heavy Water to Republic of Korea and subsequently to other countries making India a dependable global supplier and earned substantial foreign exchange. He is also the guiding spirit behind the development of Non-nuclear and societal application of Heavy Water.

Shri Rajnish Prakash was elevated to the position of Distinguished Scientist, Chairman & Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board by the Government of India. His stellar performance was recognized by the various institutions across the nation. He was conferred with various honors and awards namely:–

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