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The Atomic Energy Commission was started in August 1948, under the aegis of Dr.Homi J.Bhabha. Slowly the organsation expanded. Various power plants were instituted to educate the children of the D.A.E. Employees. The Atomic Energy Education Society was started in 1968 in Mumbai. This was to be the strong foundation of an expanding all India Organisation.

With the launching of N.F.C.,A.M.D.,E.C.I.L. and T.I.F.R. at Hyderabad, the need for a school was felt
By the D.A.E. employees of Hyderabad. Therefore,they represented the matter to A.E.E.S., Mumbai.The Atomic Energy Department entrusted Mr.Hai with the responsibility of establishing a school for the children of its employees in the D.A.E.colony at Hyderabad. Thus Atomic Energy Central School-1, Hyderabad came into existence on 14th November 1970 with four teachers and a Head teacher with the Strength of 64 students comprising classes UKG,1st and 2nd.

As the recruitment in the D.A.E. units increased, a need was felt to open another school. A primary school was opened at A.S.Rao Nagar in 1982 , In the same year the Atomic Energy Central School-2 came into existence in August 1982 with Mrs. Marina Rose as the Incharge. It then housed the primary wing comprising 50 teachers and 549 Students . Slowly and Steadily it was expanded to become a High school . The first X class batch was sent out in the year 1986. Thus began the era of Atomic Energy Central Schools of Hyderabad.

The increasing influx of students demanded the setting of Junior College in 1982&later A.E.C.S.III in 1985, This heralded the glorious period of the A.E.C.Schools at Hyderabad.




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